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Reclaiming Our Inherent Gifts: Trusting Intuition and Ancient Wisdom

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

gathering in community with sisters, reclaiming our inherent gifts and tapping into ancient wisdom in circle at a mothers blessing

For centuries, women have been labeled and scorned for sharing their inherent gifts: the abilities to heal, bring forth life, and rely on intuition. We were forced to conceal our true selves and our offerings, driven by the fear of persecution.

Even in the present day, our confidence falters when our inner wisdom guides us towards truths without rational explanations, when our bodies communicate with us, and our unborn babies whisper from within the womb.

We turn to others, seeking answers externally, yet deep within, we hold the knowledge, the ancient wisdom. Others may mock, dismiss, or fail to understand. Their intentions might not be to hurt us, but rather a result of their inability to fathom the sensation of self-trust.

In the face of laughter and skepticism from those around you, I encourage you to persevere. Stay faithful to your authentic self, maintain trust in your instincts, believe in the divine and the creator, because belief possesses unparalleled power. It can move mountains.

And in this lifetime, we have a multitude of mountains to shift but please, don’t let that deter you-our future generations will benefit greatly.

When the witch trials of our ancestors are mentioned, the resonance strikes a cord deep with me and the very fact that this sensation endures is more than enough reason for me to persist on this path.

We are obligated to stand by our sisters, uplifting and empowering them. We must consistently rewrite the narrative surrounding women, our bodies and rejecting the notion that birth is merely a medical event to be feared.

We hold ancient wisdom and power within our DNA- it's time we reclaim our inherent gifts.

We must close our eyes and listen.

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