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A mother being adorned with henna on her belly by her whole community, taking place at a mothers blessing, a Navajo tradition that honours the mother as she traverses her metamorphosis from maidenhood into motherhood

13 Moons of Honouring the Womb: A community container to nurture expectant and postpartum mothers


There are things we often want to say but don't always because of feelings of shame or guilt. In this space, we come together to see ourselves and one another, in the highs and the lows. Here, we say the things that need to be released with the understanding and reflection that we are still good mothers. 

You have embarked on a sacred journey, a transformative passage into the realm of motherhood

And as you have probably realized, it is a path that holds within it immeasurable joy, overwhelming love, and moments of profound vulnerability. And in this delicate time, I extend my arms to welcome you into a safe space to move and be held through all of the waves of postpartum. 

Having two children of my own, I understand the challenges and joys that weave through the fabric of the postpartum experience. I have felt the weight of exhaustion, the flood of emotions, and the uncertainties that come with nurturing a new life. In this community, you will find a refuge — a safe haven where you can share your triumphs and your fears without judgment. And more than just share, you will be seen, and supported. 


Here, your voice will be heard, cherished, and validated. Together we will weave the threads of diverse experiences, where each story adds a unique hue to the collective narrative. In opening yourself to this circle of support, you will find solace in knowing that you are not alone, that others have walked this path and understand the depths of your heart. 

a group of women sitting in circle at a mothers blessing, a tradition started by the navajo people

The key pillars of this transformational soul healing mentorship.


There are things we want to say, but don't always because of feelings of guilt, or shame. In this space we come together to see ourselves, and one another; in the highs, and the lows. Here, we say the things that need to be released with the validation and reflection that we are still good mothers . 

Consistent Support

We’re here. Rain or shine, for a full cycle to hold and see one another through. Our community is built on the foundations of care and support, extending beyond the emotional realm. Practical help will be offered willingly, as we recognize that even the smallest acts of assistance can make a world of difference. 


Learn how to physically, emotionally and spiritually care for yourself in a new way; a way that honors the transformation you have not only gone through in your body, but your soul as well. With a new perception of life, ironically, old things come up to the surface to be healed. Let's grow and expand through this, together. 


Come together with like minded women who resonate with spirituality and motherhood. If you're lacking other women or mothers in your life who don't see or view things the way you do, this is a space for you. If you need a space outside of the day to day, this is for you. Sisterhood, is life long friendships and support. 

an earth alter with flowers and offerings at a mothers blessing for the new life that will be coming soon

Anticipate these blessings as you step into this
transformative journey

The "13 Moons of Honouring the Womb" program is ideally suited for expectant and postpartum mothers who are seeking a nurturing and supportive community during their transformative journey into motherhood. This program is for those who want to embrace both the joys and challenges that come with the postpartum experience, recognizing the profound vulnerability that accompanies this sacred passage.


Expectant Mothers: If you are currently expecting and want to prepare for the postpartum phase while connecting with a community of mothers who understand your journey, this program is perfect for you.

New Mothers: For mothers who have recently given birth and are navigating the beautiful yet challenging postpartum period, this community offers a safe space for you to share your experiences, seek support, and connect with others who can relate.

Mothers Seeking Connection: If you desire a supportive circle where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings, whether they be moments of joy, vulnerability, or uncertainty, this program provides a non-judgmental space for authentic sharing.

Those in Need of Validation: If you often hold back from expressing yourself due to feelings of shame or guilt, this community is here to offer understanding and validation. It's a space where you can release your thoughts and emotions with the reassurance that you are still a good mother.

Seekers of Community: For mothers looking to connect with like-minded individuals who have embarked on a similar journey, this program provides a nurturing environment where your voice will be heard, cherished, and valued.

Those Wanting Support: If you're seeking support through the waves of postpartum, from the challenges of exhaustion to the flood of emotions and uncertainties that come with nurturing a new life, this program offers a refuge—a place where you can share, be seen, and receive unwavering support.

In essence, this program is designed to create a community of expectant and postpartum mothers who can come together to share their experiences, uplift each other, and journey through the transformative process of motherhood with understanding, compassion, and solidarity.

What’s included inside this 12-week group coaching container?

What's included:

  • Monthly group healing sessions customized to what the collective is moving through 

  • Breathwork Sessions to move and release stuck energy and emotion 

  • Live meditations (with access to recordings)

  • 13 x Tao Blessings to clear negative qi and karma 

  • Self-paced, Maiden to Mother course- Forever access + updates (Six + hours of video footage, 18 meditations, 42 pdfs/ worksheets, four guest speakers

  • Community + sisterhood 

  • Email/Voice Note Support as long as you are in the community

What you will learn on this journey:

  • Guided meditations

  • Tao hands wisdom and Blessings

  • Breathwork

  • Remedies for pregnancy and postpartum 

  • Journal Prompts and Soul Communication

  •  Tools to reconnect with your inner child

  • Rituals to connect with the Earth

  • Forgiveness practices

  • Conscious and gentle parenting techniques

  • Tapping and Chanting practices

  • Shadow work

  • Lifelong community of women

  • Embodiment practice + Somatic healing

  • Storytelling

THE 13 Moons we will move through 

THE Metamorphosis

Mother Earth 

Learning to be present with Nature and actually listening. Because she has so much to teach us, it is one of the most simple and profound ways to connect with safety and stability, not only for ourselves but for our children as well.

Humble Warrior 

Sitting in our humility, with self-love. Learning to be accountable for our actions and words teaches our children that our mistakes are forgivable, and failure is a way to grow. In this space, we learn to honour forgiveness and compassion.

The Mirror

Your child's soul chose you, and yours chose them, the same goes for the father of your child. Learning to move through these relations with the understanding that they are a mirror into your own healing, is what uplifts your soul, and clears your karma.

The Knowing

As mothers, our portals into other realms open, and it is important for us to learn to welcome and alchemize this new energy. By doing this we activate our intuition and third eye; cultivating our self-trust, and Divine inner guidance.

THE Shedding

She who Listens

As Mothers we deal with a lot of noise and opinions -- from western medicine, social media, our parents, and society as a whole on how we should be raising our children. That is why it is so important for you to connect with your inner voice. You have a divine knowing, as well as a connection to your heart, soul, and Ancestors that will always give you the answers and guidance you are seeking.

The Midwife 

Learning to tap into your own self healing abilities, and becoming your own midwife. As mothers, we are constantly filling up the cups of others, in this space we learn how to do that from our own fullness.


Learn to connect and embody your femininity that sometimes escapes us after birth. From self care, to intimacy, to gentle and conscious mothering. The goddess of love is within you, and here is the space to learn how to activate that.

The Storyteller

The stories we tell ourselves (whether conscious or not) affect our children and the development of their hearts. Rewriting our stories is the gateway into true conscious parenting. Learn how to discipline with love, and support character growth with humor.

THE Integration

The Divine Masculine

Healthy Masculinity is important for everyone to embody. Learn how to activate your masculinity in a healthy way by staying true to yourself, your boundaries, and your word. Become a mirror for the men in your life.

True Colours

Stepping into your power is a courageous act of self-love that reflects self-worth, and respect to your heart and soul. It is important to celebrate all rites of passage, but particularly at this time in your life, the one from Maiden to Mother. Learn to show up as your true self in all areas of your life.

Walks in Beauty

When we stay consistent on the path of expansion, we continue to be the student while simultaneously being the teacher to our children. As the container comes closer to its end, activate your will to stay on the path.

Life as Ceremony

The stories we tell ourselves (whether conscious or not) affect our children and the development of their hearts. Rewriting our stories is the gateway into true conscious parenting. Learn how to discipline with love, and support character growth with humor.

THE Manifester

Turning your dreams into reality, by learning how to become the manifestation, a frequency match.

Beautiful client transformations

"Working with Brit has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. Brit has helped me work through trauma from my past, understand why I am the way I am today while also opening the door to becoming who I truly am and want to be.

In all my years of life I have always felt a sense of emptiness and no matter what I did to fill that void, it never went away. Brit has helped me understand that no amount of outside sources will be the answer and the void can only be filled through my inner work and finding peace within myself and my life. And Brit has been there to guide me through my inner work."

Jes Hessels — Podcast Host & Blogger

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