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Aligning Your 6 Human Needs 

A workbook to get to know yourself and others better so you can start meeting your needs in empowering ways and strengthening your relationships

What's Included in this FREEBIE

  • 30-minute video Explaining the Six Human Needs and how you can benefit from this FREEBIE the most

  • Six Human Needs Test that guides you in discovering what your top two needs are

  • A 13-page workbook that supports you in honing in on understanding your needs, getting clear on empowering ways to fulfill your needs and a how-to on the best ways to implement your learnings 

  • BONUS workbook to dive into with your partner so you can take your relationship to the next level spiritually, emotionally and physically by getting to know one another on a much deeper level through gaining knowledge on one another needs

$250 VALUE 

What you will Take Away from this Workbook

  • Begin to understand your own needs and psychology

  • Become aware of toxic behaviours and habits

  • Achieve your goals

  • Deepen your relationship with self, others and your partnership​

  • Find more fulfillment in life 

  • Release control 

  • Begin to understand the expectations and rules you've

       created for yourself that are limiting you from living a

       more aligned and fulfilled life

The Importance of Meeting the Six Human Needs

  • Many of our behaviours are based on which of our needs are being met, or not and when we learn what our top needs are, rather than unconsciously meeting them in unhealthy ways  we can begin meeting them in healthy and more empowering ways.

  • When we learn what our top needs are it equips us with the necessary tools to connect with others and develop healthy relationships.

  • Getting to know our needs can also support us in understanding and managing triggers, putting us in the driver seat of our emotions. 


Aligning the Six Human Needs 

Blessings and Enjoy!

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