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Breaking Cycles, Building Bonds: A 3- Month Journey to Strengthening Relationships

Embrace the work now, and let the future bloom and emanate through the beauty of our children.

Let go of old narratives and craft new stories, painting a spacious canvas for increased abundance in love, joy, and inner peace, in turn, shaping a brighter future for both you and your children.

Breaking the chains of generational cycles and clearing negative karma is deep work. As parents, we desire to impart invaluable life lessons to our children. Yet, the truth is, we cannot teach what we do not embody.

We yearn to show our children how to set healthy boundaries and thrive in a world that challenges their spirit. But we know to truly lead by example, we must first embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.


Now is the time to do this work. I encourage you to embrace the calling to recognize, acknowledge, and explore the conditioning, beliefs, and emotions that linger unprocessed within you. When we take the first step on this path, we pave the way for a brighter future, not just for ourselves but for the generations that follow.

Being strong role models for our children is not just a dream, it's a responsibility.


We must be proud of who we are and take action to rewrite the narrative of our lives. Breaking unhealthy habits, shattering generational chains, and releasing negative karma is within our reach.


Remember, it is never too late to begin. Even if you already have children and carry the burden of guilt for postponing this work, let go of the regret. Your journey has brought you to this moment for a reason. Welcome the power of transformation and discover the strength within you.


This is not just about us; it's about the legacy we leave behind. Empower yourself to be the change you seek. As we heal and grow, we gift our children a world where they can thrive, and where they learn the true essence of love, respect, and boundless potential.


Embrace the work now, and let the future bloom and emanate through the beauty of our children.

Anticipate these blessings as you step into this transformative journey."

  • Emotional Liberation: Through deep self-discovery and processing of unexamined conditioning and emotions, you will find emotional liberation. You'll shed the weight of old narratives, making space for newfound freedom and emotional resilience.

  • Healthy Boundaries: Learn the art of setting healthy boundaries, not just in your personal relationships but also in your relationship with yourself. This empowers you to thrive in a world that challenges your spirit.

  • Transformation: By embracing this journey, you'll embark on a transformational path, breaking unhealthy habits, shattering generational chains, and releasing negative karma. This is your opportunity for profound personal growth and healing.

  • Role Modelling: As you heal and grow, you become a powerful role model for your children. You'll embody the values of love, respect, and boundless potential, teaching your children through your actions rather than just words.

  • Legacy Building: Recognize that this work is about the legacy you leave behind. By doing the inner work now, you gift your children a world where they can thrive, learn, and grow with a solid foundation of love and empowerment.

  • Empowerment: This journey is an empowering choice, not just for yourself but for your family's future. It's about being the change you seek and embracing the responsibility of shaping a brighter tomorrow.

a woman standing with both hands placed over her heart

The key pillars of this transformational soul healing program.

Pillar 1 Inner Child Healing

Pillar #1
Inner Child Healing

When we call in and connect with our inner child, we are able to uncover deep narratives about our unhealed wounds and the needs that may not have been met in our youth that have carried over into adulthood.

Pillar 2 Shadow Work

Pillar #2
Shadow Work

Through the practice of shadow work, we learn to uncover everything that we have repressed and disowned within ourselves, so that we can learn to accept all parts of ourselves and in turn, have more compassion for others. 

Pillar 3 Forgiveness

Pillar #3

When we begin to practice forgiveness towards ourselves, we’re able to move through and release the guilt and shame we hold onto, allowing us to create space in our life for deep self healing and healthy relationships with others.

Pillar 4 Reparenting

Pillar #4

The practice of reparenting allows us to meet the needs that were not met by our caregivers as children. It allows us to not only better fulfill ourselves, but also teaches us to parent our children or future children more consciously.

hands in a prayer position

Pillar #5
Soul Communication

Soul communication gives us the power to take control of our physical health, behaviours, mindset, beliefs and attachments, teaching us that we have all of the answers we need within us, anytime and anywhere.

a woman writing in her journal

Uncovering the Past and Shifting Old Narratives

  • Uncover your fears

  • Discover conditioned beliefs that have been holding you back

  • Explore narratives that you’re ready to release

  • Relinquish control of ideologies & and expectations

  • Express your emotions with ease

  • Uncover your triggers

  • Understand your own needs and the needs of others

Transforming the Heart Through Radical Self Love & Compassion

  • Release shame and start asking for what you’ve been afraid to ask for

  • Cultivate transformation & open the heart to receive more

  • Uncover repressed grief and understand forgiveness

  • Connect with your inner child & understand your needs

  • Release judgement

  • Express your most authentic self

WEEKS 9-12
Integrating Wisdom from Your Soul

  • Learn sacred practices to awaken your consciousness

  • Heal the ego and releasing attachment

  • Live in the present moment

  • Connect with your higher self

  • Learn to stay in alignment through so that you can continue on your path even throughout life’s ups and downs

  • Rewrite your story


Your transformative soul-healing journey is waiting for you.

Who is this 1:1 Mentorship best suited for? 

Those who are ready to break free from the constraints of generational cycles, release negative karma, and create a brighter future for themselves and their children. 

Those who recognize the importance of embodying the lessons they wish to impart to their children and are committed to becoming strong role models.

Those who are ready to embrace transformation 

Those yearning for a deeper connection to yourself, your soul and your intuition 

Those excited at the thought of honouring your inner authority and finally speaking your truth.

You’re willing to lean into who it is you truly are with humility, love, compassion and non-judgment.

You are accountable to yourself and your teachers and are ready to do the work.

This will be a profound journey of self-discovery and growth that will positively impact both your life, your partnership and the lives of generations to come. Your partners are welcome to join in on some or all of our sessions together. 

What’s included inside this intimate 12 week 1:1 Mentorship?

  • 12 1:1 mentorship calls where we’ll deeply explore your challenges and move through your spiritual journey together to support you in living a more intuitive, joyful and aligned life

  • Live meditations with access to recordings

  • Breathwork sessions

  • Tao hands Blessings to clear yourself of negative qi and karma

  • One follow-up session for additional support once our time together comes to an end

  • Access to my release + reignite course (6 hours of informative videos, 18 + meditations, 42 pdfs/worksheets, 4 guest speakers)

  • Email and voice note access to provide you with additional personalized support in between our calls

What you will learn on this Journey: 

  • Guided meditations

  • Tao hands wisdom and Blessings

  • Breathwork

  • Movement

  • Journal Prompts and Soul Communication

  • Tools to reconnect with your inner child

  • Rituals to connect with the Earth

  • Forgiveness practices

  • Conscious and gentle parenting techniques

  • Tapping and Chanting practices

  • Shadow work process + Meditation

  • 1:1 support through text/voice note Mon-Thurs

  • Embodiment practice + Somatic healing

  • Six Human Needs Psychology

Beautiful client transformations

“I began working with Brit to gain clarity on my purpose, improve my self esteem and inspire a clear vision for my business and my personal life. Our weekly calls, journal prompts, meditations and musings have allowed me to deeply explore my inner soul and to consistently self-reflect to recognize my patterns and constantly keep my goals in the forefront of my mind in a healthy manner.”


Ashley Albanese  — Wellness Advocate & Yoga Teacher

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