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Hey sis, I'm Brit — your advocate, friend, mentor and doula and I'm here to walk with you into and through motherhood.

Becoming a mother blesses you with profound wisdom. Your spiritual channels open, and you discover the power to forge deep connections, not only with yourself but also with your partner and children.

A mother holding and kissing her baby on the head. They are standing on a deck at a cottage over looking the water.

I hold many roles, yet above all, the primary and most significant one is that of a mother.

Countless mothers have reached out to me on their path to motherhood, battling fears—fears of pregnancy, childbirth, and the worry that they may not measure up as mothers. I, too, have grappled with these very fears because, just like you, I've journeyed this path. We share a common experience, navigating the intricate role of motherhood, embracing both its beauty and challenges.

The truth is, motherhood is not a simple path; it is a journey of deep introspection and growth. Each day, you are tested, pushed to your limits, and asked to be patient and humble.


Your children become mirrors, reflecting both the beautiful aspects of yourself and the parts that need integration. In those moments, you have a choice – to confront your shadows, break cycles, and evolve, or to turn away and ignore the lessons that life is presenting to you.

I know how easy it is to doubt ourselves and feel like we are not doing enough, but let me assure you that some of the most profound and impactful work you can do is right in front of you.

On this journey, you'll be guided to tune out the noise and embrace your body's innate wisdom. 

Remember, you are a living miracle, a sacred portal through which life is birthed into existence. Within you lies boundless strength, limitless courage, and an unstoppable spirit. Embrace the transformation and stand tall in the face of any challenges that come your way.


You are not alone; you are part of a lineage of nurturing mothers who have shaped the world with their love and dedication. Your love knows no bounds, and your influence reaches far beyond the walls of your home. As a mother, you have the power to create a brighter future for the next generation. 


Embrace this journey with confidence, knowing that you are capable, resilient, and equipped with everything you need to create a world of love, compassion, and boundless possibilities for yourself and your children.

My own journey has been a profound source of inspiration on my path to helping others.

I would say my journey into embracing fear, surrendering, and trusting my intuition began when I left my home in Canada 15 years ago. I created space for what I desired most, and what was intended as a three-month adventure quickly transformed into six years of living in both Hong Kong and Bali, Indonesia.

During my time living abroad, I encountered profound heartbreak, spiraling into a deep and prolonged struggle. It reached a point where I knew I needed to heal and confront my inner shadows. This marked the beginning of a profound spiritual healing journey and self-discovery, eventually led me to Bali and then home to Toronto. It was there that I met my husband and experienced two powerful home births.

Both births demanded a great deal of trust, as at that time, nobody in my circle had experienced home or unmedicated births. However, an inner knowing guided me, assuring me that this was the path for my children and family. I had two beautiful and empowering births. The second one posed its own challenges, as I had to find a midwife outside of the conventional system at 37 weeks due to not feeling safe or aligned with my original midwives. This decision required tremendous trust, even in the face of concerns from loved ones. In the end, they realized it was the best choice for our family.

The lessons from my journey have taught me that, at some point, we must confront our unhealed wounds and traumas to truly heal. This is the path to discovering our innate ability to trust ourselves and our intuition, which is vital for thriving. Even in our moments of feeling broken, something beautiful awaits us on the horizon. Trusting ourselves is the key that unlocks our potential.

A mother nursing her baby while the older sister stands beside them and supports them.

Remember, 'This moment matters'—hold onto this wisdom in moments of both joy and struggle.


My Experience and Credentials

Your transformative soul-healing journey is waiting for you.

I am a forever student and I am constantly investing and educating myself through courses, certifications, books and mentors to better support my own journey and that of my clients. Some of my qualifications and certifications include: 

  • Robbins-Madanes Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

  • Tao Hands Practitioner (Master Sha Tao Center Toronto)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (Poliquin)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200 HR Desa Seni, Bali)

  • Pre and Postnatal Certified Fitness Expert (Girls Gone Strong)

  • Fascial Stretch Therapist (Stretch to Win Level 2)

  • Reiki Usui Level 2

  • Indie Birth Doula 

  • Integrative Breathwork and Mentorship (currently studying) 

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