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Birth Preferences

I often emphasize that knowledge is the compass guiding us, especially in birth, as confidence accompanies knowledge. We can't know everything about birth, but we can certainly equip ourselves to feel more confident when the time comes to advocate for ourselves. Taking the time to research and educate ourselves provides us with more empowered sovereignty. It also enhances our ability to trust our intuition even more.

Recently, I attended a birth where the mother had prepared a comprehensive birth plan covering everything from home birth to hospital birth, including interventions. It even provided a template for the event of a belly birth. I was impressed and believed that everyone should have a birth plan like this for themselves, so I asked her if I could share it here with you:)

I made a few changes to this plan and encourage you to do the same. Customize it to fit the needs of you and your family. For topics you're not familiar with, I invite you to research them. Whether you're planning a home or hospital birth, I believe it's crucial to educate yourself.

I also believe that preparing and educating ourselves when it comes to birth is a great step in the right direction for the exploration, discovery, and release of our fears, which is so important in birth.

If you wish to dive deeper into your fears/healing to prepare for birth/motherhood, check out my self-paced course, "Release Your Pain, Reignite Your Power."

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Here’s What you can Expect from this Free Download:

Home Birth Preferences Template: Communicate your preferences to your support people

Hospital Birth Preferences Template: Communicate your preferences to the medical team

In the event of Intervention(s): Know your options and make informed decisions 

What you Consent/ Do not Consent to Give your Baby: Clearly state your wishes regarding your baby's care

In the event of a Belly Birth Preferences: Prepare for a gentle cesarean section with preferences that respect your needs

Tips for early labour, active labour, pushing phase


Enjoy and Congratulations on your Upcoming Birth<3

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