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Our soul holds the answers to all of our deepest questions.

When we work together, I guide you through the process of connecting with your soul — the wisest and most mystical part of yourself. The process of soul healing allows you to trust and surrender to your intuition and make space in your life to step into the life you’ve been dreaming about living. 


Through reconnecting with your soul, you unlock the narratives of your past to gain a deep understanding of who you are on a sacred level, deepening your union with yourself and discovering that everything you’ve ever needed is already within you.

Soul healing allows you to release old narratives that have been holding you back, and heal past wounds so that you can start living a life filled with more joy, happiness and abundance. 

The key pillars of my soul healing programs.

Pillar 1 Inner Child Healing

Pillar #1
Inner Child Healing

When we call in and connect with our inner child, we are able to uncover deep narratives about our unhealed wounds and the needs that may not have been met in our youth that have carried over into adulthood.

Pillar 2 Shadow Work

Pillar #2
Shadow Work

Through the practice of shadow work, we learn to uncover everything that we have repressed and disowned within ourselves, so that we can learn to accept all parts of ourselves and in turn, have more compassion for others. 

Pillar 3 Forgiveness

Pillar #3

When we begin to practice forgiveness towards ourselves, we’re able to move through and release the guilt and shame we hold onto, allowing us to create space in our life for deep self healing and healthy relationships with others.

Pillar 4 Reparenting

Pillar #4

The practice of reparenting allows us to meet the needs that were not met by our caregivers as children. It allows us to not only better fulfill ourselves, but also teaches us to parent our children or future children more consciously.

Pillar 5 Soul Communication

Pillar #5
Soul Communication

Soul communication gives us the power to take control of our physical health, behaviours, mindset, beliefs and attachments, teaching us that we have all of the answers we need within us, anytime and anywhere.


Your transformative soul healing journey is waiting for you.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Explore and uncover past unintegrated traumas so that you can truly heal, gain a better understanding of who you are and start living as your most sovereign self. In my 1:1 program you’ll release deep narratives that have been holding you back and learn how to process and move through blockages that will allow you to start leading a high-vibration life filled with love and compassion towards both yourself and others.

Self-paced Course

Release & Reignite is a self-paced healing course for the woman who is ready to finally release the heaviness, pain and patterns that have been keeping her from truly embodying her worth, confidence and divinity so she can create the life she deserves and desires. This course will support you in a release from the chains that have been holding you back from who you truly are, letting go of the patriarchal way of living, the "mind over matter" outlook on life and instead embodying your feminine and tuning into "soul over matter."

Small Group Coaching

Join a small, intimate group of likeminded women who are ready to embark on their own path into self-discovery and transformation. Have the support of this sacred circle of sisters as you journey into your past and reconnect with your inner child. You will have the opportunity to process emotions from unhealed wounds, and learn to trust, surrender and deepen your relationship with self and in turn, start living a life filled with more love.

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