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Have you Truly Forgiven Those who Have Hurt You?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Practicing forgiveness is one of the most sacred and powerful ways to remove soul, heart, mind, and body blockages to transform all life — Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Have you truly forgiven those who have hurt you in your lifetime? Have you asked for forgiveness yourself? Have you forgiven YOU? I'm talking UNCONDITIONAL forgiveness, no strings attached, baby.

Chinese medicine teaches us that our heart houses our Shen, our spirit, our soul, and it also encompasses our mind. So when you truly forgive from your heart you are forgiving from a soul level. When you forgive from a soul level you are bringing more light and love into your frequency.

And when it comes to you giving forgiveness, ask yourself, "Was my apology sincere? Did it come from my heart, my soul?"

We often apologize because we feel we "need" to — either to get what we want, or to avoid having difficult conversations. This is conflicting because forgiveness from the mind alone is not enough.

So, when requesting or receiving forgiveness, check in with yourself. Do you still have negativity in your heart towards this individual or do you genuinely wish them well?

What has helped me with forgiveness in the past was connecting and speaking with the soul of the person I needed to forgive and trying to understand them from a soul level. No one is born with the intention to hurt or abuse, rather something has happened to them to cause this.

Understanding someone from a soul level and forgiving them doesn't excuse violence, hate, or inflicting pain on someone/something, but what it DOES do is help us to heal on a deep level. And we all deserve to feel whole and free of hate, hostility, and resentment!

Remember, forgiveness is a practice that takes time. You deserve to be free.

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