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Grounded in the earth, Connected to the Divine A FREE 7-week Chakra Series.png

Start Date: January 1st, 11am EST 

Is this you?

  • Are you living in fear or in a constant fight-or-flight state? 

  • Are you yearning to release and process feelings of shame or guilt?

  • Do you have outbursts of anger regularly? 

  • Do you find yourself holding onto resentment of yourself and others?

  • Do you struggle to speak up and share your thoughts? 

  • Do you have a hard time seeing things for what they are?

  • Are you challenged with releasing attachment to what doesn't serve you?


It's Possible to...

  • Learn to navigate and work with your stress and fear 

  • Understand where your heavy emotions come from 

  • Come to know and express your anger in healthy ways 

  • Invite more compassion for yourself and others into your life

  • Get to know yourself better, in turn, strengthening your self worth 

  • Let go of self-doubt by learning to listen to your heart and intuition

  • Trust in yourself more so you can tune into the innate wisdom within 

What you will Receive: 

  • 7 45-60 minute LIVE guided meditative journeys with Brit 

  • Opportunity to share and connect with other aligned humans

  • Access to the 7 recordings for life 

  • A private telegram group to connect during our time together

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